Short Premieres Programme

After several months of submissions via Film Freeway, we have finally decided on the final selection of short premieres to be screened as part of the festival event. In line with the feature films from the four selected countries, Belgium, Wales, Scotland and Romania, here is the fantastic and exciting short film list.

Across four Wednesdays in November, Exeter Phoenix will be hosting the Cinema of Small Nations, a series celebrating film in a uniquely European context. Highlighting some of the very best and most exciting films around, join us as we journey through the cinematic landscapes of Belgium, Scotland, Wales, and Romania.


Wed 02 Nov 2016

Lucas and Ellie, two young lovers, decide to go and reach for a better world in which they will be able to grow up. This journey towards adulthood will be cruel and violent.

Jonas Bloquet was born in Bruxelles, Belgium, and started an acting career at the age of eighteen for Joachim Lafosse’s short film Élève Libre (2009). He then moved to Paris to follow an acting training at Eva Saint-Paul’s class for three years. Wishing to become a director, he got admitted in 2013 into Luc Besson’s film school, where he has directed a few short films.


Wed 09 Nov 2016

Toni Thompson never quite felt at home. At eighty years of age she finds herself feeling uneasy about her history and upbringing in Abertillery, a small mining town in South Wales. Whilst Toni left Abertillery for London at just the age of eighteen to pursue a career in fine art, her older sister Mary has stayed put in Abertillery for the entirety of her life. Hiraeth follows the journey of Toni’s return to Abertillery and her sister, and serves as an exploration into what the term home means to the individual.


Wed 16 Nov 2016

In a poor area, Luke, a clever and dreamy boy is collecting objects in a wasteland when a homeless man offers him magic goggles. Thanks to this gift, now Luke can see the world as he wants it to be and he can complete his plan to save it. However, Luke's plan is in jeopardy when a social worker tries to take him away from home.


Wed 23 Nov 2016

What happens when the memories you once cherished become your worst enemies? When you realize your everything is only a fleeting episode for someone else? Racing from attachment to distraction, "Shrines" is a short film that explores the void left by a tumultuous break-up.

Read our interview here with the filmmaker


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