Greetings World!

Greetings All! This is our first update for the Cinemas of Europe's Small Nations Film Festival.

We would like to show you our new promotional video for the event, outlining our aims and intentions for the festival, and to encourage further sponsorship. Click here to view our promotional video. It shows the location where our event will take place, the new Studio 74 at the Phoenix in Exeter, Devon, UK.

Here are some images taken from video:

Our Film Freeway submission process has been activated and we are ready to accept submissions via the platform from filmmakers producing short films in Scotland, Wales, Belgium and Romania. I am pleased to note that we have already received around 25 film submissions, highlighting a very competitive and encouraging field.

#CinemasofEuropesSmallNations #WelshCinema #ScottishCinema #BelgianCinema #RomanianCinema #filmfestival

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