A month-long festival (one night each week for 4 weeks) dedicated to ‘cinemas of European small nations'. 

Celebrating filmmaking from neglected and overlooked cinemas of small nations. 

The city of Exeter has a rich culture of events dedicated to film and independent cinema going. 'Cinemas of Europe's Small Nations' will supplement Exeter's film landscape with the launch of a new film festival event at Studio 74, Exeter Phoenix for both students and the Exeter public.


The concept of ‘cinemas of small nations’ is relatively new, emerging in 2007 (Hjort and Petrie). As Hjort and Petrie outline a rather broad approach to the concept, this festival will focus on ‘small’ cinemas in a European context, which will include screenings of films from two members of the United Kingdom, i.e. Scotland and Wales. This focus provides the film festival with a cohesive identity whilst celebrating filmmaking from neglected ‘national’ cinemas.

The film festival will be taking place at the independent cinema, Studio 74 in Exeter, Devon. Short premieres will be screened prior to talks from leading academics in each field and/or from industry professionals. This will then be followed by a curated feature film. 

The event is organised by Dr. Jamie Steele. Jamie has published articles on francophone Belgian cinema and is currently working on his first monograph published by Edinburgh University Press.